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Bio-Product Magnetic Mixers

Magnetic Mixer - Application / Specification

Magnetic mixer mixing
magnetic stirrer

Used for Manufacturing : -

** Injectables
** Vaccines
** Serums
** Suspensions
** Bacteria & Cell Culture
** /Plasma Fractions
** Infusion Solutions.


  • 20 to 10000 Ltrs.


  • Complete vessel design as per ASME Code.
  • Instrumentation & connections comply with BPE & EHEDG guideline.
  • Vessel design & fittings / Stirrer are designed for CIP / SIP able.


  • Complete aseptic design with Magnetic mixer & high shear Magnetic emulsifier.
  • Zero dead leg aseptic design Flush bottom outlet diaphragm valve with SIP able.
  • Sampling valve zero dead leg type with CIP/SIP able.
  • Volume monitoring by Load Cell.
  • PH Sensor / Conductivity Sensor provided on demand for online check Product
    PH & Conductivity.


  • Free and clean working area around the charging port.
  • Variable speed drive allows to control of mixing speed while batch preparation.
  • Designed in accordance with cGMP requirements for CIP and SIP.
  • Mixing head designed for vigorous mixing or low volume blending.
  • Magnetically powered drive, NO SEALS / NO SHAFT thereby eliminating contamination.
  • Easy removable of drive unit.
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