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Injectable - Pure Steam Generator

We are manufacturers of following Injectable pure steam generator:

Pure steam generator
  • Used for Sterilization of vessel / Pipeline / Reactors & Inner chamber of Autoclave.
  • 50 to 1000 Kg./hr.
  • Purified water with max. conductivity of 0.5 micromhos/cm. should be used.
  • Pressure should be 1 kg/cm.sq. higher than the in feed steam pressure.
  • Temperature Ambient 30ºC.
  • Outlet of clean steam pressure 3 kg./cm.²
  • To produce pyrogen free sterile steam confirming to IP/BP/USP specification.
  • Endotoxing less than 0.25eu/ml
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Fully Auto control panel with Touch screen online conductivity for Feed water & outlet of Pure steam.
  • All tubes are seamless pipes / Electropolish.
  • TOC – 100 PPB.
  • All gaskets are Teflon.
  • Imported pumps.
  • To sterilize Vessel /Pipelines/Fermentator without dismantling and movement.
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