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Injectable Sterile Mfg. Vessel

We are manufacturers of following Injectable Sterile Mfg. vessel Machinery:

Sterile mfg. vessel Sterile mfg. vessel 2

Used for Manufacturing : -
** Injectables ** Vaccines  ** Serums  
** Suspensions  ** Bacteria & Cell Culture ** /Plasma Fractions
** Infusion Solutions.    

20 to 10000 Ltrs.


Complete vessel design as per ASME Code.

Instrumentation & connections comply with BPE & EHEDG guideline.

Vessel design & fittings / Stirrer are designed for CIP / SIP.


Complete aseptic design  with Magnetic mixer & high shear Magnetic emulsifier.

Zero dead leg aseptic design Flush bottom outlet diaphragm valve with SIP able.

Sampling valve zero dead leg type with CIP/SIP able.

Volume monitoring by Load Cell.

PH Sensor / Conductivity Sensor provided on demand for online check Product
PH & Conductivity.


Free and clean working area around the charging port.

Variable speed drive allows to control of mixing speed while batch preparation.

Designed in accordance with cGMP requirements for CIP and SIP.

Mixing head designed for vigorous mixing or low volume blending.

Magnetically powered drive, NO SEALS / NO SHAFT thereby eliminating contamination.

Easy removable of drive unit.

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