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Injectable Sterilization-in-Place

We are manufacturers of following Injectable Sterilization-in-Place Machinery:

To sterilize vessel at 121ºC in Sterilization In Place is a fully automated sterilization system for sterilization of processing vessels in sterile areas.
** Human Insulin
** Vaccines
** Serums
** Bacteria & Cell Culture
** Plasma Fractions
** Sterile Solutions
** Vials / Ampoules
** I. V. Fluids
** Aerosols


  • 5 to 30000 Ltrs.


  • Completely Automated process cycles with PLC.
  • Online display of process parameters with P & I of operating system with Touch Screen.
  • Display of fault messages.
  • SIP is designed in accordance with ASME BPE and EHEDG guidelines.


  • To sterilize Fermentator / Reactors & Holding vessel / Pipeline in Sterile area Without dismantling.


  • Supervisory access code prevents unauthorized changes and operation.
  • Automated values for pure steam and sterile air.
  • Vacuum pulsing cycles for validating vessel integrity.


  • Validatable process for sterilization of process equipment.
    Lower facility operating costs.
  • Minimal dismantling of equipment and piping.
  • Process vessels need not be autoclaved.
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