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Clean in Place

Ointment - Clean-in-Place

We are manufacturers of following Ointment Clean-in-Place machineries:

Ointment Clean-in-place
To Clean Sterile vessel / Fermentator / Mixer without dismentaling & moving in Bio life science / Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics industries.
** Injectables
** Vaccines
** Serums
** Suspensions
** Bacteria & Cell Culture
** /Plasma Fractions
** Infusion Solutions.


  • 20 to 20000 Ltrs.


  • Compact system
  • User definable parameters.
  • Online viewing of process parameters on display.


  • CIP is the process used to ensure that process lines, vessels and reactors are free of inorganic and organic contaminants.
  • Auto Printing of process parameters.


  • Fully Automated, PLC controlled with touch screen display.
  • Integrated validation and automated monitoring system.
  • Multilevel Authorization password logins.
  • Faults messages displays.


  • Design and fitted to clean 100% of the machine.
  • Cleans areas normally un accessible on a manual sanitation.
  • Reduce production downtime and faster than manual cleaning.
  • Online validation with PH / Sensor & Final wash with Conductivity sensor.
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