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Ointment - Cream manufacturing plant

We are manufacturers of following Cream manufacturing plant machineries:

Cream manufacturing plant production model
R&D model R&D model 2

In Pharmaceuticals :

To prepare :

* Lotions
* Creams
* Gels
* Sterile & Non Sterile Ointments.

In Cosmetics :

Body Care and Cleaning-
Lotions / Creams / Gels
Skin Protection Products-
Sun Creams and Lotions / Sun Gels
After Sun Products.
Hand Washing Paste
Liquid Soap
Hair Care Products -
Intensive Hair Treatments
Hair Dyes and Colorings
Other Cosmetics-
Tooth Paste
Deodorant stick paste
Shaving Creams
Bath Additives
Foot care Products & Many more…….


  • 25 to 3000 Kgs.
  • Semi Contra design agitator with blades having holes to cut the mass.
  • Jacket have heating & cooling with temperature controller.
  • Separate vessel for wax melting & water heating.
  • Process piping are highly Electro polished and joints are DIN / TC standard for easy opening & re-fixing.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack with cylinder to lift complete agitator assembly with top lid for product recovery / Easy to cleaning / Change over of batch & for maintenance.
  • VFD for Anchor agitators to vary the RPM as per product / Recipe.
  • Cleaning validation by SWEB testing match international standard less than 10 PPM OR by CIP system with online conductivity.
  • Imported gear box with synthetic oil (Zero noise level)
  • Load Cell for accurate weighing of final products.
  • Watering vacuum pumps to create vacuum in Mfg. vessel and transfer other ingredients Molten wax / Hot water in Mfg. Vessel.
  • Vacuum system save timing to transfer product from one vessel to another vessel and zero retention in pre phase vessel & inter connecting pipeline.
  • To remove Air enter peal from the product.
  • No Air contamination./ Human contamination.
  • By Manual Control OR By auto Control (Optional)
  • Manual Control – Have temperature indicator /Timer / Push Button for operate the complete plant.
  • Auto Control – PLC based with Touch screen and password level to feed the parameters of process for Heating / Cooling / Stirrer timing/Homogeniser Timing / Stirrer speed / Homogeniser speed / Vacuum / Pressure / CIP etc.
  • RECIPE SYSTEM : To stored processed parameter to give high batch to batch consistency.
  • MMI (Touch Screen) for visualization of machines of specific process condition and data.
PLC Indicates : Visualization of Machine process condition & data.
Alarm Signal
Fault Message
Various measure values as a function of time.
Quality assurance through batch & shift report.
  • Vessel design as per ASME guideline and tailor made design as per user’s requirements.
  • Vessels are vacuum withstand to transfer product from one vessel to another vessel. (No chance of contamination)

    Homogeniser : -
  • Mounted from bottom of the vessel in vertical and inclined position to homogenize the product & emulsify the oil & water minimal time with recirculating and same will be discharge to holding vessel.

    Anchor Stirrer : -
  • Low speed special design with “W” shape with self adjustable Teflon scrapper & 2 Nos. stationery baffles.
  • Mixing , dispersing and homogenizing in one operation.
  • Homogenous product consistency without trapped air bubbles.
  • Large variety of products due to the highly flexible dispersing and homogenizing system.
  • Fast product change over.
  • Sterile production corresponding to GMP regulations.
  • Rapid and effective cleaning : CIP / SIP
  • High capacity with minimal space requirement.
  • Simple operation.
  • Can be fully automated.
  • Integration into existing process control system.
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