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Fluid Bed Dryer

We are manufacturer of following Tablet - Fluid bed dryer machinery:

Fluid bed dryer

To dry powder / Granules by Air Fluidization material.

  • 30 / 60 / 120 / 250 / 300 / 500 Kgs.

  • Monoblock Construction: Retarding chamber and expansion chamber are made in single piece construction to enhance cGMP and facilitate hygienic cleaning.

  • Filters bag sealing arrangement by means of inflatable tube

  • Interlocking between filter bag sealing tube and blower motor, and exhaust butterfly valve

  • Pre air filtration by 20 micron filters and secondary by 5 micron
    Final air filtration through HEPA (0.3 micron) filters.

  • To dry powder / granules by Hot Air fluidisation method.

  • Temperature control by PT-100 Sensor.

  • Complete operation through control panel.

  • Single piece construction- without flange joints.

  • Complete S. S.  body and all contact parts S. S. 316 only.

  • Product container lifting by Pneumatic cylinder.

  • Earthing device provided for safety & interlock with blower.

  • Auto bag shaking with pneumatic cylinder cyclic timer.

  • Auto discharge valve ON / OFF.

  • Minimum timer require for drying the product.

  • Uniform drying.

    No maintenance.

  • Labor required only 1 person.

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